Diagnostic Test Services

Blood Test (Phlebotomy Service)

If you are asked by your GP to have a blood test please contact one of our Patient Navigators to make an appointment. These clinics are only run in the morning between 8.10am and 12.30 everyday, due to transportation of your sample to the laboratory.

If you are asked to have a FASTING blood test please have nothing to eat or drink (except for plain water), for 12 hours before your test, unless you are diabetic. Please tell one of our Patient Navigators it is for a fasting blood test and they will try and give you an early appointment.

If your child is having a blood test and they require a cream (Emla cream) to numb the area please ask the prescription clerk who will arrange for you to have a prescription for the cream which you will need to apply at least 1 hour before the test.

How to apply Emla cream:

For more information regarding blood tests see this website:

Other Diagnostic Tests

Parkside Medical Centre also do the following tests: