NHS Health Checks

What s an NHS Health check?

A free new national preventative scheme  being offered to patients between the ages of 40-74 who have not been diagnosed  with, coronary heart disease,  type 2 diabetes,  stroke, or kidney disease.

How can I get an NHS health check?

You will be sent an invitation letter by our surgery to ring one of our Patient Navigators to book an appointment for a health check.

What to expect in an NHS health check?

At the appointment a non fasting finger prick sample of blood will be taken to test for cholesterol and glucose, your blood pressure will be taken a long with your weight, height and waist measurement.  We will ask you about exercise, and alcohol before you leave you will be advised of your results and if you need to make any follow up appointments.

How can I get a non-NHS Health check?

If you are not entitled to a NHS Health check you can get a general Health Check at some pharmacies or private clinics.

For more information on NHS Health Check see these websites: