Minor Illness

Minor Illness Clinic

Why wait to consult with a doctor for a Minor Illness when you can book directly to see the Nurse Practitioner in the DAILY minor illness clinic? You can book an appointment online, by phone or in person. You will get an appointment within 48 working hours. Minor illnesses by definition are not urgent or emergency problems so please wait for an appointment in the minor illness clinic if your problem is a minor illness.

What is a Minor illness:

How long will my illness last?

The average length of time for a minor illness to settle is:

  • Acute ear infection (otitis media) – 4 days
  • Acute sore throat / pharyngitis / tonsillitis – 1 week
  • Common cold – 1½ weeks
  • Acute Rhinosinusitis / Sinusitis – 2½ weeks
  • Acute cough / bronchitis – 3 weeks

What is a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has received additional university education to increase their ability to treat, diagnose, counsel and educate patients, who have Minor Illnesses. They can even prescribe.


  • Under TWO years of age
  • Pregnant
  • Severe chest pain or severe difficulty breathing
  • Having convulsions
  • Coughing / vomiting blood
  • Sudden loss of sight
  • Bleeding profusely from any orifice

MK Pharmacy First

Why not visit your pharmacy for a minor illness, you could save yourself and your family time and trouble by consulting with your local pharmacist. Your pharmacist can deal with a multitude of things see these links:

If you get FREE prescriptions on the NHS, you can still get minor illness treatment FREE from your local pharmacist under the MK Pharmacy First without visiting your doctors surgery.

Useful Information

For more information on minor illness see the below.