Minor Injuries

At Parkside Medical Centre we offer a Minor Injury Service so that you can be seen locally for your injury rather than wait in A&E. If you or a member of your family has had a minor injury in the last 48hrs, please contact the surgery for a MINOR INJURY appointment with the doctor or nurse. You will usually get an appointment the same day. Please let our Patient Navigators know what your problem is so they can give you the most suitable and timely appointment for your injury.

What is a minor injury?

  • Sprains (to hands, arms, legs, feet) – for more information regarding self-management of musculoskeletal minor injuries see our musculoskeletal health information.
  • Minor Bruises – for more information about rib injuries/bruising please visit the NHS choices website.
  • Minor Burns (scalds and blisters) – for more information on minor burns visit the NHS choices website.
  • Lacerations (cuts and grazes) – for more information on cuts and grazes visit the NHS choices website.
  • Minor Head Injuries (bump to your head, cuts, wounds and scratches) – for more information on minor head injuries visit the NHS choices website.