Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol


The pressures today on looking good are all around us. How does my hair look? Do I smell? Does my skin look healthy? Most girls and some guys can spend hours preparing for a night out or a hot date, but the truth is why bother? Smoking makes you look worse.

  • Your skin can dull and with time get more wrinkles.
  • Your waist can grow as smoking makes you store fat, who wants a ‘muffin top’?
  • Your teeth end up with nicotine stains, as well as gum disease.
  • Your hair is starved of oxygen making it lifeless.
  • Your smell is really bad! Stinky breath, smelly hair and clothes.

Of course we haven’t mentioned all the health risks associated with smoking such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Impotence and breathing problems. Did we also mention how much money you are wasting?

If you would like help to quit smoking ask for an appointment with one of our nurses, who can give you tips and support.

Alternatively there are a number of other organisations such as NHS Smoking Helpline  0300 123 1044 or visit

Visit the Stop Smoking page for more advice and guidance on smoking.


We can offer you friendly, confidential advice on any subject related to drugs, but normally we would like to refer you to a more specialist team.,  is full of information about what drugs are, dealing with pressures from your mates, looking after yourself and what to do if things go wrong and where to get help. You can call them on 0800 77 66 00 or email


The legal age to buy alcohol is 18. It is important that you understand what a sensible amount of alcohol to drink is and that you always have days which are alcohol free.

If you are concerned about your drinking you can make an appointment with one of our nurse or doctors; they can support you if you feel you are drinking too much. We can also refer you to more specialist teams.

Alternatively you can contact these organisations confidentially.