Being a carer is not easy and it is important that you get the right support to help you. Care giving is very demanding and will affect you physically, emotionally and socially but you are not alone, according to Carers UK, and based on the 2001 census around six million people in the UK provide care on an unpaid basis for a relative, friend or neighbour in need of support due to old age, disability, frailty or illness.

As a carer it is also important that you care for yourself. Here is some advice on helping yourself, in order for you to help others;

Carers Newsletter

Read the Parkside Medical Centre Carer’s Newsletter 2018

Carers MK

Carers MK is a local charity based at Acorn House in Central Milton Keynes. Its aim is to support all unpaid carers, usually family members who care for anyone who has an illness or disability and who would not be able to manage without them. It can provide information and advice on carers’ issues, emotional support, a ‘listening ear’ and counselling.  Social events, training courses and support groups are all available as well as yoga, relaxation therapies, advocacy, a regular newsletter and much more. Young Carers between the ages of 8 and 19 whose lives are impacted by their caring situation are also supported by our service.

One of the outreach groups we run is here at Parkside Surgery. It meets on the last Wednesday of the month from 1.30pm – 3.30pm. All carers are very welcome. Some carers who attend have said:-

‘’I feel so much better for coming and talking to other carers”

“I don’t feel so alone or isolated knowing there are others in a similar situation”

For more details about our service please look at the Carers MK website.

Useful Websites

For more information, help and support see these websites: