Elderly Care

As one gets older our health declines. Many issues, both genetic and environmental, affect how we age. The most common condition affecting those 65 and older are:

As the body changes, other things to be aware of are:

  • A slowed reaction time, which is especially important when judging if a person can drive.
  • Thinner skin, which can lead to breakdowns and wounds that don’t heal quickly
  • A weakened immune system, which can make fighting off viruses, bacteria and diseases difficult
  • Diminished sense of taste or smell, especially for smokers, which can lead to diminished appetite and dehydration
  • With proper care and prevention older people can have a good qaulity of life.

If you are elderly or know someone who is elderly who may need some social support you can contact the social services directly who will do an initail assessment to see what they can do to help. Just fill in this form and send it off.

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