Men’s Health

Testicular Self Examination

Self examination can detect lumps/bumps on the testicles. If you find something you are unsure of, see your Doctor for an examination.

Get used to examining yourself, perhaps monthly so you will get used to what is normal for you , and if any changes happen you will recognise them early , and then go see your Doctor.

Testicle problems can be treated successfully, the earlier they are detected the better.

Vist the Channel 4 Embarrassing Illnesses website to learn how to check your testicles.

Learn more about testicular lumps and swellings at NHS Choices.

Prostrate Problems

Prostate problems can commence from as early as your 40s.

Some of the symptoms you may experience are waiting for the flow of urine to start, the flow not being as forceful as usual, dribbling of urine when you think you have finished. Also some men will get up regularly at night to pass urine.

If this is you, see your Doctor, who will examine you and may wish to organise a blood test.

Prostate problems can be treated successfully with tablets; however a few patients may need surgery.

If you have a blood test to check your prostrate (PSA test), you should not have:

Find out more information about prostrate problems from the following websites:

Erectile Dysfunction

This is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection that is adequate for intercourse to take place.

Erection problems can start as early as your 40’s. This can be brought on by certain medical conditions such as diabetes, or low testosterone (male hormone) levels. Your Doctor will check for these problems.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been called “penile angina”. This is because the artery that supplies the penis is about one third of the diameter of a coronary (heart) artery; hence your Doctor will check your cholesterol, blood pressure, your weight, smoking and alcohol to see if there are any risk factors for future heart disease.

Do not panic, there are treatments to help with this problem, it may be as simple as losing weight and getting fit or it may involve medication like Viagra (but there are others). Find out more about ED treatment on NHS Choices.

Viagra and other similar medication are only free on the NHS if you have certain conditions. See NHS Choices for more information.

For more information on ED see these websites:

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